Looking to try couples Yoga? Melanie Berliet writes a wonderful story about her experiences with this cooperative bending of the bodies. Look towards the middle of the article where Melanie reflects on minding the gap, a subject I write about in my book. Who knows – you may have just found you and your significant […]


This is truly superb.  From an article on entitled “5 NICE THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU PUT YOUR LONG, HORRIBLE MONDAY TO REST“, author Dennis DiClaudio points out the following: #3. People Might Be Able To Have The Asshole Trained Out Of Them If you’re not already spitting green tea all over your monitor, […]


What a hoot! Here’s a photo sent to me of my book displayed at the London Book Fair, in the ‘Award Winners’ section! There it is in the second row…


Do you find yourself exhausted and mentally overstimulated? Have you considered cutting the cord? Well, here’s a wonderful article from Lifehacker that looks at exactly what happened for Tony Schwartz after he decided to go off the digital map for 10 days. Enjoy! ~Dr. Marsha I Completely Disconnected for 10 Days. Here’s What Happened I […]

In an exciting announcement out of Stanford, researches have been able to treat mouse brains with a special technique that allows for a “transparent” view of the inside of the brain. This is pretty big news! I refer you to Integral Options Cafe for more on the subject. Enjoy! ~Marsha Breakthrough – Transparent Brain Imaging […]