New to Meditation? Why “Wishing is Not Enough”

If you’re new to meditation, you likely have a handful of questions (not to mention a lifetime of resistance) stored up.  This is perfectly normal, so don’t let it get you down.  Some of the most common questions I hear include: “Why Meditate?”  and “HOW do I meditate.”

New meditators are often surprised to find that, like almost any other skill we learn in our lives, meditation can be difficult in the beginning.  There’s a reason that meditation is called a practice.  And this article sums up that practice well.  This article, Matthieu Ricard on meditation: “Wishing is Not Enough” comes to us from the site, which is a great resource for new meditators. 

~ Marsha

We have no choice about what we already are, but we can wish to change ourselves. Such an aspiration gives the mind a sense of direction. But just wishing is not enough. We have to find a way of putting that wish into action.

We don’t find anything strange about spending years learning to walk, read and write, or acquire professional skills. We spend hours doing physical exercises to get our bodies into shape. Sometimes we expend tremendous physical energy pedaling a stationary bike. To sustain such tasks requires a minimum of interest or enthusiasm. This interest comes from believing that these efforts are going to benefit us in the long run.

Working with the mind follows the same logic. How could it be subject to change without the least effort, just from wishing alone? That makes no more sense than expecting to learn to play a Mozart sonata by just occasionally doodling around on the piano.

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