Does Oxytocin Improve Social Cognition? | Found Article

I’ve written before about the importance of oxytocin in relationships, so I was interested in this recent study about oxytocin and social proficiency. At first glance, the results seem to indicate that oxytocin only increases “empathic accuracy” for those who weren’t good at it to begin with. However, I’m curious about other factors which may […]

Found Article: Hearing the Music, Honing the Mind | Creative and Cognitive Brain

Musical training from a young age can help train the brain for future learning.  In light of such important data, schools should be adding more music classes, not cutting them back, and in the case of very many school systems today, cutting them altogether. My other career choice would have been to be a professional […]

Found Article: The Cognitive Cost Of Expertise | Cognitive Brain

Cognitive Brain: An interesting look on how our brain groups information together to be able to process patterns and familiar situations. But this might also lead to difficulties with introducing new material into a familiar situation. Article from WIRED of chess, expertise, and brain change. Author Credit Jonah Lehrer Enjoy! ~ Marsha In the 1940s, […]

Found Article: Forgotten Memories Linger in the Brain

Until recently, when psychologists talked about “unconscious memories” from childhood influencing later behavior, the science behind it was, well, kinda fuzzy.  As I’ve written previously, there is increasing evidence that early memories of attachment are stored in parts of the brain to which we don’t have conscious access, and yet which influence our relationship patterns […]